Does your computer need to be refurbished?

Bill Gates Mug Shot after Traffic violation in 1977 ABQ, NM

Its slow, its full, time has left me by and its full of virus’s, we have heard it all.  90% of the time one of the two moving parts in your computer the Hard Drive’s bearing is just wearing out.  After all its been spinning for YEARS.  You wouldn’t expect to turn on your vacuum cleaner and walk away 5 years later and think it would still work.  17 Seconds from the time of boot until Windows Logo is how we determine if the hard drive is failing or on the path to failure.  We will not do a software fix like virus repair on any computer that takes longer than 17 seconds to boot, our experience shows us that a drive failure is imminent in less than 6 months from that point simply don’t want to be the last tech to touch it before it dies.

The reason stores don’t like to do refurbishments is simple.  There is a fine line between rebuilding and buying the cheapest thing you can get at Wal-mart.   If you didn’t buy a $200 computer the first time then more than likely its worth rebuilding.  On average our refurbs are 30% faster than NEW.  We simple just don’t use the cheap hard drives that the factory did, its not complicated.


Bill Gates Mug Shot after Traffic violation in 1977 ABQ, NM

We can copy over your files.  Files are not programs.  Programs have to be installed if you could just copy them its all that would be for sale on Ebay is copies of programs.

If you didn’t have Windows 10 on the computer you will need to buy a license for this.  Restoring 7 is not recommended even for our corporate customers.  Microsoft has taken it upon themselves to handicap their product during updates.  They are all labeled security updates apparently job security would be more accurate.

Our CLEAN Windows 10 install method on NEW SSHD hard drives (that’s a SSD – hybrid drive for faster speed and continued data safety)

Our refurbs are lower cost than a FACTORY INSPECTION which most manufactures charge $300 before parts and warrantied for 1 year as if it was a NEW MACHINE.

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