Computer Virus Repair is unique in Artesia, New Mexico.  The Federal Law Enforcement Center located here is a world wide point of attack for the latest in virus, hacks, worms.  We witness that new virus’s can transit through town in less than 3 days especially when school is in session.

Price $149.00

Virus cleanup is a complete tune up on your current hardware it doesn’t include the replacement of any parts.

Our virus cleanup is completely hands on registry cleaning we do not use any automated software in the process of cleaning your computer.  We do not use FREEWARE, to clean your computers which often leaves behind worms as its fee.

This type of service was designed right here in Artesia by us in order to have the greatest chance of saving your data from bad actors.  Virus’s often have self defense or hidden reinstallation programs and we do not use automated software to prevent this activation.

Most computer virus’s can be cleaned from a few hours with computer being ready the next day.