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Windows 7 Professional Office Backbone

This is a phenominal backbone to any office setup.  Utilizing the latest Socket 2000 Gen 3 I7's also called the Extreme core combined with blazing DDR4 ram this computer is not just a computer it is the hub that you have been looking for.

We don't scrimp on the video either building off an industrial Military grade motherboard for the ultimate in reliablity.

We use an overclockers setup to TURN DOWN the clock speeds for years of reliablity.

Don't be fooled by the HP and Dell setups with their underrated motherboards and undersized power supplies.  You can't afford the loss in income created by a barely getting by built machine.

We also do not put money into fancy looking monstor cases. Keeping a 30inch computer in under 18inches tall so that it hides in the office.

This computer is designed to be the bosses machine.  Outstanding graphics but powerful enough to act as the file server for up to 20 other machines without any notice of load to the main user.

Cutting the cost of an "Extra" computer just for file serving/sharing.

The sheer customer nature of our Windows 7 platform is the shining star of this build.  Besides the fact that we never use Factory Second parts(New Egg, Tiger Direct, Fry's, Etc...) Just saying Windows 7 Professional is not enough. Its hardened against virus injection.  So well that we know you HAVE to give a file permission to access your machine to cause it damage.

The system will be fully upgradedable to windows 10 Professional ONCE THAT PLATFORM IS STABLE.  We do not recommend the move to Windows 10 for business at this time.

Height:   17"
Width:   7.8"
Depth:   18"

Requires 4 inches behind computer and Hard surface under computer for proper cooling.

  • I7-2011-3 CPU  (6 Dual core processor will be remapped to a proper 12 core multi-thread)
  • 32 Gig DDR4 Ram  (64gig and 128 gig options are available.)
  • Military grade motherboard
  • 850 Watt Powersupply
  • Nvidia 960 W/ 2 G ddr5
  • DVD Writer/Reader
  • 1Terabyte SSHD (Hybrid drive)
  • 2 Terabyte 7200RPM (Rotarty Drive)
  • AC Wireless networking (450Mbps wireless speed)
  • Bluetooth Personal Area Network
  • USB 3
  • USB 3.1



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