Most of the time the problems with your computer is as simple as a failing hard drive.  With todays modern speeds but low cost drives 2-3 years is the most you can expect from reasonable speeds from that hard drive.  ALL data must be written to the drive including web content.  When they start to fail it slows down even web speeds with customers often believing they have virus’s when its a simple bearing failure of a moving part.


Laptops we can’t upgrade video on so they are $249.00 for a refurbishment.

Desktops that we bring to full Windows 10 compliance Video are $349.00


All refurbished PC’s have a 1 year warranty as if factory new with exception to the power supplies on laptops.  Desktop Power Supplies are covered by the warranty.

It is not advisable to reload Windows 7 onto computers Microsoft has been releasing UPDATES that remove features and content from the platform and it appears to be running much slower.

Windows 10 access the hard drive 30% faster than windows 7 right now and that can only be a handicap via software has the hard drive speed is what it is for data transfer.