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Our Flat rate repair is $149.00.  This is Virus Removal, wipe /reloads, extreme security and hack problems.  If it take us 10 hours its the same price.  We warranty your machine for 30 days after any flat rate repair, including virus's.

Refurbishment means NEW SSHD Hard drives and Licenses if needed.  This is ALSO flat rated depednign on options from $249 to $329.00  No surprises. We warranty the ENTIRE machine for 1 year just like you bought a new machine from us. Its our guarantee that we are thorough in our refurbishing of your equirpment.

If possible we copy our files back to where you LEFT THEM not into a folder on the desktop for you to spend months sorting through.

Broken Screens in Laptops  Flat rate $199.00

Also All our repairs are usually ONE DAY TURN AROUND.  Payroll machines can be same day depending on failure.

Our best way to sell you is to introduce you to our competition.


Dell's Cost as pubished.  1 800 288 4410

Super simple repairs $159 + Parts (this makes it almost certainly a 250+ repair)

Problems which require more than 10 minutes time $259 + parts ( you will most likely opt for a new machine when you see the bill)


HP's Cost as published  866-234-1377 


Ok most of the HP's service links were broken trying look up prices for you.  Maybe when you click the link they will have their website working better.

HP sells warranty plans that start at $209 per year with a $79 per year shipping option.  (you pay them $79 for them to pay Fedex $25)

$159 to setup your router ( we will do it for free if you need help right in the store )

$219 to open your box and plug your computer into the wall.


Asus Computer Repair Service      1-812-282-2787


Asus is a moving target.  They demand you send the computer and if nothing is wrong then its a $159.00 charge EVEN if its UNDER WARRANTY.  If its under warranty and needs a fix then its free.  Our experience with Asus has been an OVER REPAIR process as they send the repair to a third party vendor who justifies the billing.



In the years that I have been doing this I have replaced 1 motherboard THAT READS ONE MOTHERBOARD.   Its rarely cost effective to replace that part and techs who jump to this conclusion often are guess at what the true problem is.

90% of the problems are Hard Drive & Power Supplies.

We as experts know you do not have a clue whats in the black box, that is no reason to BS you on the repairs.